The Brand of the city

Perugia Etruscan Spirit will be the new city brand.

The identity and communication system starts from the provision of a typeface designed specifically for this project.
A writing system whose form starts from the singular written form of the ancient Etruscan alphabets in which many letters had multiple forms and palindromes, essentially legible both from the left and from the right.


Why a dedicated font?

The reason lies in providing the city with a tool that, from its simple use, which is possible by anyone, immediately defines the identity traits of a place.
Anyone who writes with this typographic style will immediately give a precise tone of voice to each message, the Etruscan Spirit will be appreciable at first glance.

The line of communication used intends to intrigue the reader thanks to a continuous drawing from the history of the city and the many great characters who have characterized it.
The communication line will use an empathic and direct tone, the intention will be to involve the reader in a dynamic of progressive knowledge thanks to questions and queries that will become our line-ups.

Have you ever used a plane to paint?