On 7 May 2019, as part of the URBACT III European territorial cooperation
program, the second phase of “FIND YOUR GREATNESS”, the European
urban branding project presented by the Municipality of Perugia in
partnership with the cities of Alba, was officially approved and financed. Iulia
(Romania), Braganca (Portugal), Voru (Estonia), Wroklaw (Poland), Candelaria
(Spain), Limerick (Ireland), and Budapest (Hungary).

How is a city brand built?
This is the question that the project will answer, starting with the enhancement of the identity excellence of the cities that, together with Perugia, make up the partnership.
In a scenario, like the current one, in which cities are all in constant competition to grab resources and investors, small and medium-sized ones are struggling to make themselves recognizable in an international context and need tools that support their development potential in terms of attractiveness.


Since the 1990s, urban branding has been a key factor in the development policies of those cities that have been able to take specific actions to strengthen their image and perception, both in the eyes of citizens and those of potential tourists, investors, users and consumers.
The strategic objective of the project is therefore to increase the ability to attract and channel economic and financial resources, investments, and human capital.


Perugia has chosen the cultural heritage of the Etruscan walls, the most accomplished example of Hellenistic fortification in Etruria, as an identity excellence to be valued to take up the challenge.
The particular construction solutions, which identify this public work as a singular case for originality and beauty among the Etruscan “walled cities”, are highlighted by the close relationship still existing today between the architecture of the fortification and the topographical context.
The example of Perugia is characterized, in fact, as the most complete combination of walls that simultaneously perform a defensive function together with a strong aesthetic value.

What are the main strategic objectives of the project at the local level?

Attracting investments and innovative entrepreneurs

De-seasonalize the influx of visitors by also investing in experiential tourism

Develop new business opportunities and create new jobs

Support the birth of the smart city

What are the main challenges that the city intends to face?

The urban branding strategy defines the integrated action plan as a strategic document for the positioning, development, and policy of the city;


Strengthen the perception of Perugia as a historical, Etruscan, international educational, green and modern city with a rich and diversified landscape;

Increase the awareness and pride of citizens regarding the richness and uniqueness of the architectural, historical, and cultural heritage, contributing to the strengthening of the community spirit;

Stimulate entrepreneurship and the organization of events/festivals to confirm its vocation as a lively and hospitable city;

Improve the use of public spaces, squares, streets;

Include and use intelligent digital solutions in marketing and communication;

Strengthen relations with the surrounding area by increasing the potential for attractiveness (for example the proximity to Assisi).