The PGES brand is in constant motion, dynamic, and best expresses the basic concept of the brand personality.

To use it correctly it is necessary that the proportions between the various components remain unchanged, even in the case of resizing. The proportions refer to the 1st unit corresponding to the width of the letter P.


Safe area


In the various applications of the logo, it is necessary to establish a safe area. The size of the buffer area will correspond to two units (1a + 1a).


The outline version of the logo is intended for applications such as customization, foil block printing, various stationery gadgets, and objects in general. It can be used to avoid ink smears when printing on unsuitable media and poor legibility under pressure.

Legibility test


Positive and negative

Given the dynamism of the logo, there will be no flag colors, so the black and white version of the logo does not provide for the gray correction, but instead, we will opt for a flat black and white.

Visibility test

The visibility tests help to understand to what extent the logo is legible, in black and white and on monochrome backgrounds.