Have you ever seen an Etruscan wall?

The city of Perugia is renowned for many reasons: Art, Culture, Food, Chocolate, Jazz!
But is there any chance you would really come over just to see 3000 years old stones?


How can a wall, express the spirit of an entire city?

A wall?

What hell of symbol can a wall be? The Gerico walls, the Chinese great wall, the

Hadrian wall, the Ston wall, the Berlin Wall, oh mamma mia!

Every great wall we know seem to be built against someone or to keep peoples apart.


Perugian walls?

Connection vs Division


We pushed our research on perceptions a little further and found out our Etruscan wall are felt as a connection momentum instead of just an ancient defence symbol.

Because our walls host life moments which belongs to many life beings.


Living inside
the walls

More than considering our walls just as city icon, we found out the story of this city is full of moments and people who had fight for independencies through the centuries: money, culture, art, society, freedom…

Perugia, the home of free spirits

We believe there are people who care about the future of the planet, a value
to defend both from an environmental point of view and because it is home
for those who believe in defending human dignity. Perugia will be the city to
be chosen as a destination for all free spirits who believe they are defending
these values.

You may come for short residences-making experiences and the sense of
community that one breathes defended by its millenary walls; you may come
for study and research, or you may even decide to make Perugia your new
home and workplace.